Ausbildung in Australien

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22 , 2007

Study Abroad - an academic program on board an ocean liner

Berufsausbildung Australien — posted_by Patrizia @ 23:11

Wer im September sein Study Abroad Semster als Weltreise  auf einem Luxusschiff verbringen möchte, kann sich JETZT NOCH ANMELDEN!

Weitere Informationen gibt es hier!

"Experience a World of Difference

Imagine studying in Australia, Japan, Panama, Ecuador, or Portugal all as part of the same program. The Scholar Ship – an academic program on board an ocean liner – does just that.
The Scholar Ship is a semester-long academic program aboard a dedicated passenger ship that traverses the globe as an oceangoing campus. Students and staff from around the world come together to form a transnational learning community designed to develop their intercultural competence and leadership skills. 

What's New:

Applications still welcome for September '07 voyage

Though the April 30 priority application deadline has passed, applications for the September 2007 voyage and beyond are still welcome. Admission decisions to our program are made on a rolling basis. Applications submitted by 30 April for September voyages and 30 September for January voyages will be given priority over those applications submitted thereafter. Accepted students who apply for admission to a voyage that has reached capacity will be placed on a waiting list for that voyage and will be given an admission deferral that may be applied to a future voyage."


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