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18 , 2007

Aviation Schools

Studieren in Australien — posted_by Lana @ 03:55
Aviation Courses at Swinburne

Swinburne offers flying and non-flying undergraduate courses in Aviation and
Air Transportation Management.
These courses are developed around the guiding principles of safety,
legality and business profitability.

Undergraduate courses:
Bachelor of Technology (Aviation)
Bachelor of Technology (Air Transportation Management)
Bachelor of Technology (Aviation) / Bachelor of Business
Bachelor of Technology (Air Transportation Management) / Bachelor of

Career Opportunities
Graduates can seek careers in both flying and non-flying areas. Potential
employers include airlines, other aircraft operators, airports, government
regulatory and safety authorities and air service providers.
Air Transportation Management graduates can gain employment as professional
managers in the areas of airline and airport operations, technical
management, and in safety and regulatory authorities
Flying Training – Aviation
Programs with practical flying training are designed to take students beyond
the requirements for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), Air
Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) theory examination and Commercial Pilot
License (CPL(A)) practical test.
The practical flying training and related theory studies are undertaken at
General Flying Services, located at Moorabbin Airport in Melbourne. The
school’s training syllabus and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are
accredited by Qantas Airways for use in their cadet training scheme.
Training is conducted in new Cessna glass-cockpit aircraft.

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