Wie schmecken eigtl Emus, Kängurus, Krokos und Co?

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I leave Melbourne with an tearing and an laughing eye!

Parker in Australien — posted_by parker @ 22:52

Hi friends!
I’m pleased to write to you in English in this issue of my Australian Blog. As you know, I studied English for 4 weeks in Melbourne, basically to improve my Bavarian pronunciation und grammar. I’m pleased to study with some different classmates from all around the world. I actually think, this has made it so interesting for me. For example, during lunch. Everyone has different meals on their plate and different customs for eating. I’d rather have Bavarian food, of course ;-) Also, after school and on weekends, we have done some activities together. Sometimes I was the only one with white skin in our party ;-)
Regarding the surrounding bushfires, I only received information from the media and the lot of donation appeals in the city. Melbourne is secure fortunately!
Finally to Melbourne, I feel good and the time ran quite fast, because I had a normal daily routine in a good atmosphere. A gorgeous time with my great classmates, thanks!
However, I’m glad to leave Melbourne on Saturday. I’ll go to Adelaide and after a couple of days up to Darwin. This is my intention. I’m looking forward to a quite interesting coast road, the Great Ocean Road, and the really dry outback Australia with Uluru.

I hope in my following issue, I can give you an exciting story and some impressive pictures. Hunter will be back as well!

See you later...Parker

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