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New Zealand III

Roman | 11 , 2007 15:30

still in Lake Tekapo...

Okay, here are the latest news from New Zealand:

I am still in Lake Tekapo and spend a week here now. But I really like it here, great fishing, great walks and perfect weather.

This pic is from Mount John, right next to Lake Tekapo:

On top of the mountain there is a space-observatory, they basically watch the stars from there. The nightsky here is really great. if the sky is not overcast you can see many many the stars clearly and sometimes even the milky way.

Thats me on the summit

yesterday i went to mount cook village to do a day-walk there. but apparently the weather wasnt the best. it was very cloudy but at least it didnt rain. But the walk was still very nice.

this was a lake along the way...

and a very very cold river

and another one

and another one, I like taking pictures of rivers

this is mount cook, i think one of the highest or even the highest mountain here in New Zealand. It also was used for the Lord of the Rings.

here i reached the end of the track. There was a glacier-lake with icebergs in it. one freak went for a swim in this lake and stood on the iceberg....must have been a kiwi. the water was bloody cold...

at this lake i met 3 french guys and we hat lunch together at the lake before we walked back.

freezing cold. and of course i was so optimistic that it would be nice weather so that i was wearing shorts:)

that was the sunset on the way back to tekapo

i thought thats worth a picture

yeah, thats it for now. you see, i am busy here in new zealand to keep my page up to date.

The weather will get worse here in Tekapo and snow is forecasted for tonight. I will move on to Fox Glacier, where its probably even colder but I heard its very nice there. I already stayed one week here in this place, time to hit the road again.




Mum | 11/04/2007, 21:27

Hallo Roman, das ist ja ein Traum von Landschaft und und und ... dem kann man mit Worten nicht gerecht werden. G e n i e ß e diesen wohl schönsten Flecken der Erde !!! Bist ja hart im Nehmen - aber: von zu großem Optimismus kann man ziemlich kalte Füße kriegen - gell. Halt dich warm und die Ohren steif !! mach's gut bis dann liebe Grüße Mum

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