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Koh Samui

Roman | 22 , 2007 19:49

a paradise on an island...

After a long roadtrip from the very north of Thailand I arrived 5 days ago in the south and went to Koh Samui, an island in the Gulf of Thailand.

The weather here is milder than in the north and it barely rains here so thats good. The island is quite large and I am stayin in a small bungalow on Chaweng Beach since I arrived. Here are most backpackers accommodated since prices are low here.

The color of the water is amazing like in all the brochures from the travel agencies. Yesterday I grabbed a motorbike and made a trip around the island. Here are some of the captures:






Off the coast a bit more inland there are some waterfalls, too. Someting I missed in Australia, though.

thats the biggest waterfall on the island, 80m high.

The vegetation heres amazing even more impressing than in the north I'd say

and butterflies civilize the island as well

Heres a short range of the typical thaifood. I never tasted this stuff but it certainly is a protein-booster. It looks so weird selling that kind of stuff at a market. At least they are dead and not crawling any more.

Ok enough of this ugly stuff. Big Buddha, very important, though. That was all of my tourist-trip yesterday

I rather treat myself to something like this


Beachfront restaurants are spread alover Chawengbeach in the evening. Seafood is a special dish here since you can choose your seafood individually- all catch of the day of course. Then you decide how it shall be cooked on the barbecue. I had Prawns...mmmmh. But Im not gonna tell how much it cost for you would be sooo jealous. Oh and the cocktails are great, too:)

I will leave koh samui in one or two days and head for koh pagnan, the next island on my list for its famous fullmoon party, woohoo!!


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