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Cairns, Queensland

Roman | 04 , 2007 14:48

My last days in downunder

Thanks for waiting so long it was ages ago when I updated my page the last time. I was quite busy with snorkeling and sailing and got some nice pictures coming up. Theres so many pictures that i have no idea where to begin lol. Ok, lets get started. For all those who are waiting for impressing landscape pictures- you will be disappointed. Since I am here in Cairns I havent done many trips. For those who dont have a clue where Cairns is: its on the top of australias eastcoast.

We only went to Kuranda, a little town in the rainforest. This waterfall is supposed to pour loads of water but its dry season so its a poor picture at the moment but it must be impressing to see that in wetseason.

Ok, heres the evidence that I actually have been to the waterfall....its me!!!

very tropical...

Oh thats my new home. Believe it or not: I am living on a sailing boat again not the same as the one in Airlie Beach.

The entertainment level on this boat is sligthly better with WLAN Internet, TV and there are 400DVDs waiting if I get bored (which happens not very often)

Oh and there is a cat living on the boat as well. She is 17 years (!!!)old and was bought at the same time the boat was bought so she considers it as her home. This is the reason why I had a fair bit of struggle with her when I moved on the boat because she used the forward cabin (which should be mine for the time being) when she has her afternoon-snooze and gets very annoyed when I disturb her sleeping under the aircon (yeah, we even have aircon on the boat and its right above my bed-fabulous!!)

Heres the gally and a well-fed Roman. Oh I almost forgot to mention Craig. Hes living on the boat as well and the good thing about him is that hes a chef and a quite good one too. His food is just unbelievebly good...you see I am not starving and having a great time at the moment.

Heres the reason why I came to Cairns. And its a she. And she is called Monique. and she was my girlfriend although it didnt last long. so she is now my?? my ex-girlfriend. Remember her?? I've put in a picture last year when I met her first time. That was back in Perth on the westcoast around Chrismas. But as my journey with the other Germans to Melbourne Sydney went on I had to leave her and shes workin in Cairns now for a year so we met here again after 5 months....I didn't want to upload the picture but everyone back home is soooo nosy about what she looks like so I was persuaded. Here she is:

Lol did I mention that the nightlive here in Cairns is really good?? and the girls too. the one in the middle is nathalie from the gold coast and miranda on the right....she is a local  just busy giving nathalie a knutschfleck

here she is in action

me and monique after a swim in the lagoon. the beach in cairns is really bad. there is no real beach which is very unusual for australia. However there is a free lagoon on the coastline which is nice.

that was later in the night....

hm dont know why I took so many pictures of Miranda...shes attractive

this is giligans, one of the good clubs in cairns.

arent they cute?

alrighty, thats what im doing at the moment....spending the majority of money for booze cause I dont need to pay rent or anything like that. I am enjoin the last few days here in sunny australia. On thursday so thats in 4 days already....oh no!!! I will leave australia and fly to thailand where i wanna stay a month to have a holiday from my holidays here in downunder lol.

Yeah and then I will come back to old Germany. Will be ten months when I touchdown in Frankfurt. But where did all the time go?? During my trip the time was just rushing I can still remember when we were in Hongkong at the airport waiting for the flight to Brisbane as if it was just yesterday...and now??? most of my trip is over. In the last 9 months I had the best time of my life and didnt regret one day or one dollar spent here. It was just great and I recommend it to anyone. For me its time to start with the more serious things in live. I will start uni when I get back and need to move to another town but I am really looking forward to all that, see all the old faces and freaks again, family and the great taste of our beer!!!




Aber hallo

Simone Fock | 05/06/2007, 00:11

Hi Roman, ja bei den schönen Mädchen wird Dir der Abschied von Australien sicherlich schwer fallen, oder ??

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